City of Fallcrest


  • Located in central crownlost
  • Population of 800; another 500 live in the countryside

People, Groups and Points of Interest

  • Miss Angelique Darcy (female human; PC) is the daughter of Lord & Lady Fitzgerald.
  • Lord Fitzgerald Darcy (male human) Warren’s 1st cousin and High Constable.
  • Lady Horatia Darcy (female human) High Lord Warren and member of High Council.
  • High Lord Warren Darcy (male human) High Lord over the Fallcrest. Was 2nd cousin of King * Erik Bennett I
  • Master Calmos, male eladrin, is one of the few living wizards that are powerful enough to be call High Wizards.
  • Priestess Eliarin (female elf), is the High Priestess of Selûne in Fallcrest.
  • Elsuth, male human, Apprentice to High Wizard Calmos in Fallcrest.
  • Keast “General” Irongate (male dwarf)
  • Lord Douglas Phillips (male human) is the husband of Lady Caroline Phillips
  • Lady Caroline Phillips (female human) is the wife of Lord Douglas Phillips.
  • Miss Charlotte Phillips (female human) is the daughter of Lord and Lady Philips


City of Fallcrest

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