The people of Crownlost follow the Gods’ Calendar. Its a common belief that the months mark the period at which each deity holds the most sway on the world.

A God’s Calendar year (gcy) is broken up into four seasons. Seasons start with Spring continues through Summer, Fall and ends with Winter. Each season is divided into three months and each month is divide into 3 weeks, with each week made up of 12 days.

Each season is dedicated to either a god or primordial. Gods mark the beginning and middle of the season while a Primordial marks its end. The gods months are generally milder in respects to weather. However, harsh weather typically attends the months of the Primordial (i.e. — Istius – heavy rains, Kossim – extreme heat, Akavol – powerful wind storms and Aureny – deadly cold.)

Each month during a season has a common suffix.

Season Suffix
Spring -us
Summer -im
Fall -vol
Winter -eny
Month Season Month Season
Mystus First month of Spring Talvol First month of Fall
Lathus Month of the Spring Equinox Kelemvol Month of the Fall Equinox
Istius End of Spring Akavol End of Fall
Kordim First month of Summer Sharheny First month of Winter
Pelorim Month of the Summer Solstice Raveny Month of the Winter Solstice
Kossim End of Summer Aureny End of Winter

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