Thoren Grailhunter

Half-orc Mercenary Captain


This half-orc makes you think of an inhuman statue. He has dark eyes. He has prominent ears and thick eyebrows. He has hair and a beard of coarse hair the color of obsidian, dark gray skin and tusk that are more a strong under-bite. His wardrobe is typically professional and often matches at least one of the colors of the lost kingdom of steadfast, blue and yellow.


A prideful half-orc male that formed a mercenary guild continually recruiting men to clear out the orcs tribes of northeast Crownlost.

His mother is human and his father was a orc raider. Due to a orc raid and his subsequent birth he hates his orc side and orcs in general. seeks to bury his orc side of himself beneath a reserved facade.

Thoren Grailhunter

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