Marc Arnold

Drunkard & Single Parent


Marc’s Backstory

The moon was high and the sky was clear. A shrill cry rang out in the otherwise quiet town of Hope, announcing the arrival of the town’s newest member. A man, worried but excited, stalked the length of the small room. An elderly woman stepped from behind the curtain; her face was grim, something was wrong.

“It’s a girl.” she said, “but the lady and child are not well…”. The man grunted in acknowledgement; “What’s wrong?” he asked. The old woman sighed, “The fever.” she replied, “They both suffer from it; I fear they will not survive the night.”. His head dipped slightly, but he quickly gathered himself; “Is there nothing that might be done?” he asked. The old woman was silent for a moment; then she told him of an herb that might help. It was rare, but native to the surrounding forest. If he could find it, if he was not too late, he might save one of them.

Thus Marc found himself silently stalking the forest on that fated night; and twas luck, or perhaps fate again, that prevented him from blundering into the cold, dark camp of orcs. Silently; he cursed fate (or perhaps luck), said a prayer for his doomed family, and turned back empty-handed. He would save almost thirty lives that night; his wife and child would not number among them. He would make his way to Steadfast; or perhaps WinterHaven. He would join with whatever company would take him. He would fight these invaders wherever he might find them. He would have his vengeance.


  • Sonyia – Sonyia is Marc’s wife. Thousuccombhavea succumDesolation to disearc invasion.
  • Daughter - Marc’s daughter was believed to have died along with her mother to Desolation.
  • People of Hope Village - While initially they held him as a hero, the harshness of life post invasion has cause many to harbor resentment towards him.


  • Roger Nutbutter - Roger ,whose father founded the town and owned the mill, he is one of the few to find modest financial success since the fall (as a merchant in win[dead]aven.)
  • Winston Gathers - Winston, whose family raised sheep and always envied Marc and , Marc believes, his beautiful bride… which is ironic since Winston is more interested in Marc.

Marc Arnold

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