Balgar Stonefist

Balgar has been a soldier in the army for 70 years.


Balgar is 103 years old, he has a wife Vistra, and a son Thorin who is 20. Balgar has been a soldier in the army for 70 years.

The Hammerwatch Citadel, Balgar’s home, is one of the few remaining (possibly the last) Dwarven strongholds left to the Mountain Dwarves. Most other citadels have been destroyed long ago, forcing many dwarves into the low mountains and foothills. Here Moradin is still worshiped devoutly, some of the worlds finest weapons and armors are forged at ancient forges, and riches and gems are mined deep beneath the earth. The dwarves of Hammerwatch Citadel, cling to their precious home, and guard their realm with a ferocious tenacity.

Five years ago Vondal, his brother, set out on a holy mission with a small company of dwarves to explore the ancient citadels in hopes of rebuilding the dwarven empire of old.
Its been three years since Vondal’s last missive. Balgar grows restless and decides to leave his mountain home to discover what fate has befallen his brother. In his last letter Vondal mentioned he would set out next to discover the ancient dwarven citadel know as “The Glimmering Halls" located deep beneath the snow-capped mountains far to the west.

Once on the surface, Balgar strikes out south from Hammerwatch, following an old trade route. Keeping to himself, stopping only briefly in towns to restore previsions. Upon arrival in Winterhaven, Balgar stops to rest and resupply before the long trek over the western mountain range.

Outside the gates Balgar stumbles upon a merchant caravan in need of protection for their own passage through the mountain. Agreeing to guard the caravan for a generous sum, Balgar leads the way west. Reaching into his pocket, Balgar produces an old dwarven map marked showing the location of all the great citadels. His eyes narrow on the spot marked “The Glimmering Halls”.


  • Thorin, Balgar’s son, is being taught the dwarven traditions of combat by Thoradin, his grandfather.
  • Vondal, Balgar’s older brother, is a devout cleric of Moradin, and has recently dedicated his life to restoring the dwarves to their past glory. It has been 5 years since he left in search of his goal, but recently his letters home have stopped coming.
  • Vistra, Balgar’s wife.
  • Thoradin, Balgar’s father, was the previous commander of the dwarven army before his retirement after 90 years of service. The 230 year old dwarf has been spent the last 10 years training young warriors in the traditions of dwarven fighting, including Thorin his grandson.

Balgar Stonefist

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