Most human in the region are the former citizens of the kingdom of Steadfast originating from villages like Archdale and cities such as Fallcrest and Steadfast.

Male First Names: Alastair, Ambrose, Andrew, Avery, Barnaby, Bartholomew, David, Edward, Geoffrey, Hugh, Humphrey, John, Julian, Milton, Myles, Nathaniel, Oliver, Roger, Solomon, Thomas, Timothy, Wyatt, Zachary.

Female First Names: Agnes, Blanche, Bridget, Clemence, Dolores, Edith, Eleanor, Emma, Ethel, Florence, Isabel, Joyce, Margery, Marion, Mildred, Molly, Pricilla, Rose, Ruth, Susanna, Sybil, Ursula, Valorie, Winifred.

Surnames: Andrews, Ashenhurst, Barlow, Battle, Beadows, Berkhead, Blackwood, Blake, Bishop, Bloom, Blunt, Bright, Carpenter, Cartwell, Castledon, Collingford, Crane, Crook, Cunley, Darcy, Dawnthorpe, Downer, Dragonwell, Dunfield, Elkhorn, Everett, Fitzgeoffrey, Fletcher, Francis, Fray, Gladdish, Goldworth, Gossingham, Grimmer, Hadley, Hale, Hammersfield, Hargreave, Hawkins, Humphrey, Hunter, Hyde, Ives, Jenkins, Jollybad, Keast, King, Kottlegrey, Lestrange, Leventhorpe, Langford, Lloyd, Mansfield, Merriwether, Mortimer, Motts, Moxley, Narbridge, Northam, Noyes, Olver, Pallcraft, Payne, Penhale, Polkinghorn, Pummel, Quail, Quillmaker, Ratley, Reeve, Ringer, Rosserford, Rowley, Russell, Sawford, Shivington, Silcox, Smythe, Snell, Stargrave, Stokes, Strangways, Teague, Tellam, Throckmorton, Thurman, Torrington, Trowbridge, Unger, Uxbridge, Vaughan, Vawdrey, Whitaker, White, Winkle, Wyndham, Yates, Yesterman.


Most dwarves hail from hammerfast which is a city that was built long ago by dwarves come from an ancient kingdom that rests far beneath the ground. They are some that come from Wintershaven which originated from the hills of the weald west of crownlost.

Male First Names: Trol, Bikar, Farin, Baz Belur, Relut, Elagh, Doldel, Zundrric, Nor, Banan, Geim, Sundif, Tordar, Burko, Grart, Rurar, Dondal, Cain, Renan, Reerl, Nor, Garn, Donthic, Yedof

Female First Names: Elsa, Yera, Friae, Helta, Dorza, Werhild, Dordeth, Barkara, Ambrbo, Yari, Vonra, Uada, Steoza, Telna, Rona, Veylla, Phaeali, Belbrila, Yari, Krala, Glorri, Baerah, Vada, Rega, Yuanret

Surnames: Argavond, Armamek, Armorsmith, Axefist, Blackaxe, Burgamak, Drunadak, Fardigger, Farkamal, Firmheart, Garandugan, Gararal, Gemcarver, Gurmak, Granitebeard, Grayarm, Grayspike, Ironbreaker, Ironcrafter, Ironfist, Kolmzak, Medakar, Nanidar, Norsten, Ogrehewer, Palakak, Palarad, Radaast, Redhelm, Reidorn, Rockheart, Rockhewer, Shieldcutter, Silverback, Silverhammer, Steelspear, Stonespear, Swordcrafter, Theibek, Thokrahad, Thokrakar, Turamak, Torbal, Thunderbeard, Urgaerg, Zagdak, Zekdal, Zuldagdud

Dar Khanoth (Thri-kreen)

The Khanoth are an Insect race that came from beyond the Firecea Desert.The species was nomadic until the last 10 years were the City of Dar Khanoth grew from nothing, to a trading post and into a full fledge city seemingly over night as Queen Dar’Ka and her people took up residence here.

Male First Name: Kil’laj, or combination of 2 or more khanoth words (see Appendix A).
Female First Names: Kiyat, or combination of 2 or more khanoth words (see Appendix A).
Surnames: Khanoth are always named after their queen. Existing queens are Chetonurn, Tifyer (allowed PC), Zheultia, Lloekroth, Threidtin

Other Races

Generally other races follow the naming convention of whichever race is dominant in the region. The one exception being the Khanoth city of Dar Khannoth. Most of the races found here are merchants or transplants from one of the other cities in the region.

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