Lady Aarna

Succubus, and Mother of Sasha


An attractive woman with hooded brown eyes. Her luxurious, straight, russet hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a regal queen. She is tall and has a shapely build. She has ruddy skin. She has a full mouth. Her wardrobe is fine, made of layers of gauzy green and red silk.


Aarna is a succubus from 6th Layer of Hell, Malebolge. She lived a secret life turning her back on Malebolge. As Sonyia, a human female, she had developed feeling for a human man named Marc Arnold.

Demikael, cambion from Malebolge, stumbled onto Sonyia and confronted her prior to delevering her and Marc’s child. He threatened to expose her secret, but Aarna made a deal to keep her secret life from both Marc and the Hells. In exchange she would traded the soul of her newborn and returned the the 6th layer.

Lady Aarna

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