Valley of Crownlost

Adventure Start: In Good Faith

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In Good Faith

Solo Adventure

Flash back to the tragic past of Marc Arnold. A man that lost his family ten years prior during the fall of the Kingdom of Steadfast, as the orc ravaged the lands. The adventure is using elements from a character background from another campaign set 3 years in the future.

Marc (Ranger) He is a drunk that lost his family 7 years prior during a orc invasion.

Introduction: The Sum of all Nightmares

Marc looked out from his hidden perch in the trees unnoticed as orcs passed on their march towards Hope, his home. He believe his imagination incapable of manifest a nightmare worse than this. The largest number of orcs he had ever seen before meandered along the trail through the foothills just north of his home.

That, however, was the stuff of typical nightmares made of common fear and mundane machinations. The true source of Marc’s horror dangled from the neck of the leader of the orc horde who leaned casually on his warg mount. The foul orc had about his neck the herb Marc sought to retrieving. There was nothing he could hope to do before a horde of that size and continuing on his hopeless quest to save his wife and unborn child would lead only to more death.

His only option was to flee…

His home was warmed by a fire in the hearth. The hot fire stood in stark contrast to the coldness he felt. Cassi, the mid-wife, stopped him as he entered and said, “Please Marc you should sit down.”

That was the last thing he wanted to do. All he wanted to do is see his wife. He skirted passed the midwife and went undeterred to Sonyia where she laid upon their bed perfectly still.

Cassi followed behind him her voice incapable of masking her sadness, “I did everything that I could do. I did what I could to make sure she was comfortable.”

A hand too heavy for the mid-wife rested on his shoulder to offering comfort. Marc turned to the midwife. The orc, wearing the artifact that could have spared Sonyia of so much suffering said with a solemn look, “I sent you on your task in good faith, but you were too late…”

Mark awake startled.


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