Valley of Crownlost



Marc (Ranger)
Father Dominick (Cleric) new member joined to take part in the playtest.

Father Dominick was introduced as a wandering priest of Helm that choose to walked the roads of crownlost valley as a protector to travels and spreader of the teachings of helm. He had heard the sounds of fighting while he was travelling south along the road near Hope village and decide to investigate.

He arrived in time to see 10 down mercenaries and Thoren and Warren surround by 6 of the remaining orcs while 4 more orcs were in pursuit of pursuing Marc. Using the power of helm he was able to assist in finish up the remainder of the orcs. After all was said and done, there were 20 dead orcs, 6 dead mercenaries and 4 injured mercenaries. Marc Succeed in a heal checks and I rolled a 2d4 to decide how many survived. Dominick tended to the badly injured Thoren.

They search Marc’s former village and found a handful of gold and gems and a carving of what looked like a face that was sagging two one side. Succeed Search Check: Marc

Dominick and Theron wanted to bury the dead. Since the village had a cemetery they decide to make use of it to bury the dead mercenary. While doing so Marc thought he heard talking and decide to go check it out while the other were busy. Perception Check: Success: Marc, Father

Marc wanted to approach quietly to try to listen in on the conversation and was able to pick out two voices; one girls voice that sounded anger and a mirthful male voice. They were not able to make out much of the conversation before Dominick and Marc alerted them to their presence causing the to lower their voices Failed Stealth: Marc, Father

The two were the same two that Marc and the band of mercenaries had come across earlier. This time Marc noticed that the girl looked familiar, but was too indifferent to think much about it. Father Dominick notice almost immediately that the girl bared a strong resemblance to Marc. Insight Check: Auto-Failed Marc, Success: Father Dominick

The girl was quiet after making an accusation of Demikeal of command his agents and having him dismiss the thought to greet the party. The man was offered them hospitality as if they were enter his home and not standing in the burnt out stone structure of a little house.

The cleric had recognized that the girl bore resemblance to Marc and not Demikeal so it made him very suspicious. During the course of conversation Father Dominick noticed the man using a number of possessive statements in regards to the girl and realized quickly they were not terms of endearment. He started inquiring more directly and ask the girl her name she said she didn’t have one. When he asked Demikeal he stated she was never given one and he never bothered to name her. This of course set off all kinds of red flags and the conversation and when he was asked directly he admitted that the girl belong to him. Mostly Roleplayed with an occasional Insight checks and a History check to inform the player of character knowledge. Section had to be retconed a little so if you ever decide to watch the youtube video I recorded it won’t match up completely with the recorded session.

In realizing the girl was a slave Dominick drew his weapon and attacked with Marc joining him. The moment they engaged him the girl collapsed to the ground writhing in pain and Demikeal use his will to fear the Dominick and Winston (who had come along). Marc shrugged off the fear and attacked Demikeal and a weird flickering shadow of wing creature showed each them hit struck. Demikael called on Helm for protection from evil after recognizing the momentary image surrounding Demikael as a cambion. Demikael used his power to command Marc to kill his daughter and nearly did before recovering. Winston who was cowering in fear exclaimed “This isn’t how it was suppose to go!” and was then incinerated by infernal fire that also injured Marc.

Demikael’s illusion was destroyed when Marc grievously injured him and Father Dominick finished him off with a combination of inflict wound and an attack with his mace (older packet).

While tending to the now unconscious girl they had discussed whether or not a half-devil could be killed or just sent him back to hell. Even with the Father knowledge they were unsure. Religious Lore: Success But…: Father

After waking, the nine year old was angered because the party had ruined her plan to escape the Devil pact. She explained she had manipulated the cambion into a wager that she would kill 20 orcs before tomorrow, 10th Nameday, to be completely free of the pact. If she lost the wager, she would be willing surrendering her soul to Demikael. The party didn’t question her tale because they were trying to calm down an angry near hysteric little girl.

Domnick calmed the girl. Charisma Check: Success: Dominick. Marc pointed out that they had found another possible location with orcs and suggested that she should stop whining and come with them. Douche Check: Success: Marc. Have to love touching family reunions.

It dawned on Marc that the girl might be his daughter after The Father pointed out after piecing it together that tonight would be 10 year anniversary of the destruction of Hope Village to the Babylon Mountain Orcs. The event which had prevented Marc from retrieving the medicines he need to cure his family of the Desolation, a fatal disease. When asked again her name, she explains her parents never bother to name her before they abandoned her to the devil; Demikael never bothered giving her one either seeing no purpose in naming a possession.

The party took about an hour to rest before setting out again, battered and short on spells in an effort to complete the girls task before midnight.


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