Valley of Crownlost


Marc is woken from his nightmare with a start after Winston, also formally of Hope Village, dumps water on him. Marc had passed out in Winterhaven street after another night of over drinking, which Winston gladly reminded him.

Despite butting heads Winston told him about a half-orc, Theron, mercenary that was recruiting men to clear out a band of orcs North of Winterhaven. Marc hated for orcs is well known so he jumps at the opportunity to kill orcs.

Marc scoffs at Winston when he suggest he clean himself up and leaves to find Theron. The half-orc isn’t at the tavern he was directed to, but a couple of mercenary types our hanging around so he sits down and waits for him to return.

Marc tries (Failed Stealth) to sit closer to listen in on the mercenaries conversation, but the Tavern owner sees him eyeing the mercenaries. The barkeep , he is familiar with Marc’s behavior, ask that Marc not start any trouble. Marc glares (Successful Intimidate) at the keep and orders a meal. The barkeep scurries away nervously a doesn’t both Marc again, other than to deliver his meal.

After spending the better part of the day and most the evening Theron arrives at the Tavern and Marc talks to him about joining the group to hunt orcs. Theron armor was impressive for a mercenary and Marc noticed (Successful History check) that he cared a shield used by the former King’s personal guard. Despite this and Theron calm manor, Marc is unable to contain his disgust for the half-orc, his hatred rounds up, and also fails to Intimidate Theron into hiring him on to the band.

Marc left to collect a few things for the short trip. He returns to the tavern and plops down at a table and orders dinner. He decides he would just camp out in the tavern until the group left and would follow them. He made no attempt to hide his intent to the chagrin of the barkeep.

After a couple of days, without incident, Theron and his men begin preparing to head out. Marc starts to head out of the tavern to be in a better spot to follow them when the leave.

Winston stops him on the road to let him know he was joined the band of orc hunters. He suggest Marc should stop embarrass the people of Hope Village, formerly of the village and stop being hostile long enough for Winston to talk Theron. Marc gave a noncommittal grunt and glowered slightly less.

Winston is able to convince Theron to let Marc join, mostly because Marc didn’t want a share of any treasure found. Theron, Winston and Marc along with 14 other mercenaries head out that morning to hunt orcs, small bands remain of a once mighty horde that dominated the region.

Since the fall the the Kingdom of Steadfast years ago the roads of the northwest are unsafe and in poor repair. Nearly all the bridges have either collapsed or been destroyed since then as well.

With Marc’s assistance the mercenaries had no trouble when they had to ford the west river. The West river flows south from Eternal Springs Lake then southeast all the way to Union Lake in Central Crownlost.

As they travelled north, Marc found signs of a insectoid in the area which helped them avoid being ambushed by an ankheg that had burrowed into a hill on a side of the road. Unfortunately, they were unable to avoid the creature completely and Thoren was injured and 4 of his men were killed. (Successful: Spot).

They manage to avoid anymore danger, but they happened upon an unlikely pair on the side of the road. A gangly little girl in ratty looking cloths with a tall handsome in leather armor and two fine short swords. The band stop for a bit to chat with the pair. The girl told them to turn back because there were far too many orcs for their band of 13 men. The man, think the girl impolite, confirm that the orcs had made camp in a old town called hope village, Marc and Winston’s old home. He also informed them there were at most 20 orcs at the most.

Convince that their information was truthful despite their reservation of why the pair was this far north in dangerous country the band decide to move on happy to know that their intel was accurate. After the man and girl left they considered the new information headed out. They round the hill and the pair was nowhere in sight despite having a vantage point that let them see clear to the coups of trees surround the village. It was decide they had no reason to doubt the pair so they moved on. (Endless Chain of Failures though most of the information was valid).

After they arrived at the village a few of the mercenaries and Marc scouted out Hope village as the rest of the group set up camp in the wooded area just west of orcs (Successful Stealth). They confirmed the number of orcs and saw that they were very poorly equipped.

They made their plans to set up a firing line in the woods with Marc and 5 men southwest of the village. Thoren and the rest of the mean would sneak into position at the path into the village to the west. Winston would sneak in and set fire to a few of the huts to create confusion and retreat back to Thoren and his men. The distraction and confusion should make it easier to keep the orcs attention off of the archers and let the archers surprises the unsuspecting orcs.

Winston approached the nearest hut and managed to get it lite, however he didn’t notice a orc that was nearby and the orc surprised him, but missed anyway. (Failed Stealth, Wisdom). Without the fire the attempt to cause confusion failed, but the initial orc was so focused on catching Winston he was taken by surprise and quickly put down by the archers. The remaining Orcs were alerted, wary and “en masse” to take on the band, but still unaware of the archers.

Session ended on that note.


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