The kingdom of Steadfast was once a glorious nation that united the region beneath its banner. In the year 783, King Demetrius Bennett III ruled over the ailing kingdom during its fall. The King’s enemies were many and its forces were spread thin, due to the kingdoms internal instability. King Demetrius was unprepared when the orc hordes descended upon his kingdom from the Babylon Mountain. Like a tide, the Babylon Orc Tribes washed over the kingdom’s northern territory and the city of Steadfast, the countries seat of power. The Babylonian’s initial assault decimated much of Steadfast’s forces. Both he and his heir were slain as they fled the city and his second eldest son, not in the city at the time, was missing and was presumed dead.

raptor2.pngThe remaining forces of Steadfast fought as rear guard enabling the citizens to flee to the neighboring city Fallcrest to the south. Khest Irongate, guardsman to the late King, emerged as a hero during this troubled time. Khest mustered the remainder of Steadfast desperate forces. rallying behind the Guardsman, Steadfast successful drove the orcs back to the Babylonian mountains.

In the year 793, Ten years has passed and the city still lies ruined. The region, now referred to as Valley of Crownlost, has started to recover from the events of a decade past. Still without a king the cities of the region no longer stands united and have become city-states that fend for themselves. The threat of another Babylon invasion is ever present; the former desert dwelling Thri-kreen have come out of their desert home to established a city of their own on the former kingdoms soil. To add to the turmoil, rumors of king’s youngest son have began surfaced. And so the tale begins…

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Valley of Crownlost

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